This is the third iteration of “Whakapiki i te Putea – Raising Maori Investment Capability” Conference. Past conferences have all been very well attended, a reflection of the growing importance of the Investment sector for Maori organisations. Past conferences have been held In Wellington and Tauranga. The last Whakapiki was held In Tauranga in 2013. Since then there have been many changes and growth in Te Ao Maori makes this latest version of Whakapiki very timely.

As we enter a new decade we have a Maori economy that is facing  more and more opportunities. It Is an economy gaining momentum all the time replete with a range of Maori authorities, businesses and employers who Identify as Maori. The Maori Influence In the primary sector Is a good example of this expansion. In 2017 – the last year we have reliable statistics for, Maori Interests held 50% of the fishing quota, 40% of forestry, 30% In lamb production and 10% In kiwifruit production. Clearly these assets have continued to grow and increase  In value in the past three years. But the interesting point in this growth is the diversification of the Maori economy into new investment areas including geothermal energy production, digital services, education, tourism and housing. According to Chapman and Tripp – Te Ao Maori – Trends and Insights the value of the Maori economy is estimated to be at well over $50 billion and growing apace.

Many Maori Trusts, Incorporations, iwi and hapu organisations, Treaty Settlement Entities, Whanau Trusts, even Marae Committees and other community based organisations – hold and are responsible for the proper management of putea – funds. Since 2013 there has been major “churn” In the governance membership of many Maori organisations and a new generation of kaitiaki are now sitting around the decision-making table.

This conference is designed to introduce and equip these decision-makers with the background knowledge, skills and contacts to be able to make sensible decisions in the Investment area to ensure that the collective putea is not only held securely but is steadily Increasing In value.

The conference is set up to not just bring in the experts but to also offer practical advice; particularly to new decision-makers not familiar with investment principles. This will be addressed through a free – to all registered conference attendees – a basic Investment principles workshop hosted by Aaron Moores of Craigs Investment Partners. The workshop will be Craigs offices in Tauranga’s Cameron Road. The workshop will precede the conference, taking place on the afternoon of 11th February and will be followed by an early conference registration function and the opportunity to meet some of your fellow attendees and conference speakers.

The conference kicks off next morning at the nearby University of Waikato campus with a mihi whakatau from local mana whenua hapu, Ngai Tamarawaho, before getting down to work.

We have a wonderful line up of speakers from across the country’s investment sector plus insightful commentary on the national economy – present and future – and expert advice on potential investment winners and losers. We will also hear from two of the iwi heavyweights in the economy – Tainui and Ngai Tahu – and the investment strategies that they follow or will be following into the future.

For an International perspective Professor Dennis Foley from Canberra University will offer a contrasting view of how these matters are regarded by another Indigenous culture.

We expect another conference highlight – just one of many – to come from conference dinner speaker Ian Taylor of Animations Research Ltd – the inventive people behind the amazing America’s Cup, PGA Golf and Cricket graphics that make watching these events such satisfying television.

Who should attend?

  1. Chairs and Executive Officers of Maori Trusts and Incorporations — in effect – anyone with a governance role
  2. CFOs, Treasurers, Finance Committee members
  3. Treaty Settlement Entities Executive members
  4. Members of Maori/Pasifika Business Networks/Associations; Chambers of Commerce 
  5. Hapu and Marae Committee members with financial responsibilities
  6. Whanau Trust Executives and Committee members
  7. Current or potential Maori/Pasifika small to medium enterprises (SME) owners/operators 
  8. Representatives of appropriate government agencies responsible for business development
  9. Local government representatives responsible for business development 
  10. Advisors or potential advisors to Maori & Pasifika organisations – investors/brokers, banks, accountants, legal 

Whakapiki i te Putea – Raising Maori Investment Capability Conference to be held in Tauranga 11 – 13 February 2020. The programme involves speakers with expertise in all facets of investment activity and is designed to put in front of attendees a full range of investment options. One important reason for the conference is the continuing downward trend in bank interest rates. Because so many of our organisations rely on term deposits as a default investment strategy – what can be put in front of those people with investment responsibility on behalf of their organisations.

11 – 13 February 2020

Waikato University, Tauranga